Our Practice

There are architects who believe in the power of the collective. Who believe that greatness is achieved when minds come together.

There are those who put honesty and integrity at the centre of what they do. Those who establish a solid foundation of trust, allowing them to take risks and push further. Who understand that with trust comes reward.

There are those architects who thrive on solving problems. Who see simplicity as the inevitable outcome of an elegant solution. Those who draw upon a rich palette of materials, sculptural, and textural forms, rather than reaching for the obvious.

And there are those who are driven by passion. Who strive to push their craft, and believe in architecture’s ability to create harmony and happiness.

Those are the people we want to work with; who inspire us to create buildings that are far from ordinary.

We are Those Architects.

Ben Mitchell

Co-founder & Director

B.Design, B.Arch (Hons)

NSW Registered Architect No. 8787

“We design both for how a space makes you feel, and for how it works. Every site, no matter where it is, offers opportunities to make a building that lifts the spirit, and works for the people who live or work there. Drawing on those unique opportunities is what drives us as architects.”

Ben's design process is informed by an understanding of nature, incorporating principles from the natural world to create harmonious and sustainable designs. His curated approach involves meticulous selection of elements, ensuring that every component aligns with his vision and enhances the overall design. This method results in thoughtfully crafted, cohesive outcomes that balance aesthetics with functionality and environmental sensitivity.

Ben is an invited guest lecturer and critic at professional forums and schools of architecture.

Simon Addinall

Co-founder & Director

B.Design, B.Arch
NSW Registered Architect No. 8420
QLD Registered Architect No. 6058

Underpinning Simon’s approach is the relationship between climate and landscape as the defining elements in how a structure is conceived and designed. This applies to both commerce projects and bespoke housing.

“What’s really important, apart from rigorous design, are the connections between inside and out, and how we use materials. Whether you’re designing a coastal house, a country residence or a city home, the same broad principles apply, it’s just that different climates and sites will invite different responses.”

Simon's approach is to explore the relationship between climate, landscape and people.

Annie Edwards

Associate Director

B.Design, M.Arch

NSW Registered Architect No. 9919

Annie joined Those Architects in 2016 as a project architect with experience across commercial, health care, public and residential sectors. Annie is involved in the design and creative direction of projects, as well as documentation, management and delivery, with a special focus on interiors. To this she brings a passion for vernacular Australian architecture that responds uniquely to people and place. Annie holds a Bachelor of Design and a Masters of Architecture
from Queensland University of Technology.

Emma Butterworth

Associate Director

B.Design, M.Arch, M. Heri. Cons.
QLD Registered Architect No. 4758

Emma joined Those Architects in 2019 fresh from three years working in North America – on shingle and Shaker style houses in upstate New York, and weekenders in Napa and Sonoma. Emma’s passion for storytelling in architecture combines with her Masters in Heritage Conservation to offer a unique skillset on adaptation.

Alex Fotherby


B.Arts (Hons), M.Arch
NSW Registered Architect No. 12664

Alex moved to Australia in 2019 having worked for several years in London and Oslo. He joined Those Architects in 2021 with experience in bespoke residential and office projects, pavilions and interiors in Hong Kong and the US and infrastructure projects in the UK and Norway. In the UK, Alex was nominated for the RIBA President’s Medal and named one of Blueprint Magazine’s ‘Ones to Watch’. He took his passion for architecture and culture to the US to build at Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Amélie Devaux

Project Architect

B.Design, M.Arch

NSW Registered Architect No. 11235

Amelie studied architecture in France, where she had a particular interest in heritage preservation and co-operative living. She furthered her career working in France and Canada before moving to Sydney to persue her master’s degree.
After completing her masters and gaining experience leading residential and commercial projects with high profile firms in Sydney, Amelie joined Those Architects. Her focus lies in pursuing design excellence through project design and documentation of various scales and typologies.

Kyle Simms


B. Environmental Design (Arch)

Having lived from the west coast of Australia to the east, Kyle has a rare perspective on our urban and natural topographies. He joined Those Architects in 2021, after moving from Perth (he studied at the University of Western Australia) to Melbourne, and then to Byron Bay. His work on high-end houses and apartments, restaurants and bars, healthcare and commercial spaces has sharpened his passion for complex detailing and problem solving.

Maeve Mullane

Practice Manager

B. Interior Architecture

Dip. Language & Culture

As practice manager Maeve is interested in and operates at the nexus between design, community and the environment. Key insights gained through post graduate experience with UTS and the AHO enable Maeve to calmly negotiate complex tasks involving multiple stakeholders. A talented designer with sharp managerial and people skills she manages the practice with perspective and a keen eye. Maeve holds a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and a Diploma of Language & Culture from UTS.